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About Prime Group


Prime Group is an award-winning marketing production company helping UK businesses to upscale and streamline their marketing efforts through a powerful mix of personalisation, automation and better marketing logistics.

  • Marketing campaigns are created by creative agencies and brands
  • These campaigns are then produced and executed by a marketing production company – that’s where we come in

 And the tools we use are:

  • A fine blend of marketing knowledge and expertise which includes cross-media and multi-channel capability
  • Data-handling, creative and art-working skills (both on and off-line)
  • In-house traditional and state-of-the-art digital printing capabilities
  • Highly regarded print finishing skills and technology
  • With a great big dollop of passion for keeping our customers happy by generating the results they crave


Supporting marketing departments for over two decades, we’ve amassed a wealth of experience – both of technology and its practical application – in producing marketing that’s more effective.

  • Solutions such as Primeye help to solve the problems most organisations face when it comes to upscaling their marketing activity
  • Our Self-service marketing platform transforms customers’ marketing departments from cost to profit centre in weeks
  • We support UK clients spanning all sectors including retail, travel, financial services, automotive, publishing, public sector and membership. These range from highly recognisable blue chip consumer brands through to almost anonymous B2B companies, reflecting the flexibility of our solutions

By working together we harness your marketing challenges and turn them into realisable ‘business gold’.

Prime Group has over 25 years’ experience in the marketing services arena.

  • Our development over the years has been closely aligned with advances in customer marketing, technology and popular culture. For example, we were at the forefront of marketing personalisation back in the mid-90s, and added multi-channel marketing to the arsenal in 2005
  • Today, Prime Group helps to convert marketing departments from expensive cost centres into profit centres through marketing scale and streamlining marketing processes
  • We’ve a portfolio that we’re proud of too, working intimately with brands such as DHL, Rightmove, Vets4Pets, Mercedes Benz and Penguin Books

And, with a multi-million pound investment in the expansion of our premises, the future’s so bright we almost have to wear shades!