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Our branded marketing platform (BMP) is a complete answer to all your marketing, stationery and promotional material, print and distribution requirements. One that will save you time, money (up to 20%* of your marketing spend) and hassle.

It is particularly beneficial if your organisation operates across multiple sites, with numerous people ordering printed stationery and marketing material. That’s when managing purchasing, production and costs – whilst simultaneously ensuring brand consistency – can get really tricky. And it’s what our BMP does brilliantly.

Situated in the cloud, it’s a template-based creation, production and management platform that can store as much as 80% of your marketing collateral and campaigns*. It allows you direct and total control over the creation, production and distribution of your marketing assets without the need for time-consuming email contact with ‘middle people’ – designers, account managers, printers, mailing houses or colleagues at different locations.

If you can connect to the internet, you can connect to BMP and reap its significant time and cost-saving benefits. From your desktop, tablet or mobile, anywhere in the world, 24/7.

How our BMP will help you

By allowing your network (whether outlets, departments or individuals) to access the platform 24/7, your people can utilise the brand’s marketing assets in a structured, budget and approval-controlled environment. At a stroke this removes tedious procurement and administration tasks from skilled personnel whilst maintaining brand control and consistency, and reducing your marketing spend by up to 20.1%*.

Still confused?

Check out our brand marketing in a nutshell Infographic.

If you’re looking to make your marketing more effective by delivering measurable, proven efficiencies, control your brand and free up your budget by reducing cost and waste, investing just 1 hour with one of our experts will be time well spent.

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