Direct Mail and Personalisation

Our direct mail pedigree is unrivalled. We’ve been an early adopter of the latest technology – in print, automation, data processing/manipulation, finishing, as well as postage and fulfilment – for more than 20 years. That technology, combined with a team of results-driven, experienced people, means we always extract the best possible ROI from your direct mail investment.


How do we do this?

By delivering highly-targeted materials and campaigns that are personalised, relevant and timely. But great direct mail doesn’t happen by accident. We apply a proven process to all the elements of your campaign (check out useful infographic) which includes:-

    • Creative – compelling and effective copy and imagery for maximum impact
    • Data – management, extraction and manipulation to target your identified audience and ensure relevancy
    • Offer – clarity, incentives and messaging which sparks responses and gets you noticed
    • Production – the beauty, quality and formatting of the finished piece
    • Fulfilment – effective, economical delivery to your customers’ mailbox or doorstep, maximising postage and shipping savings
    • Tracking – We’re proud to have been awarded Mailmark accreditation making our marketing customers’ direct mail campaigns even more effective.
    • Measurement – analysis and reporting of its penetration and success


Combining DM with digital

A whole range of digital innovations across email, web and mobile, link printed materials to online content, enhancing both the recipient’s experience and the campaign’s success rate. Think:-

    • QR codes which, when scanned, drive a visitor to a specific landing page or
    • Personalised URL (pURL) that delivers rich, highly targeted messaging
    • ‘Interactive advertising mail’ (iAM™) technology for real-time, user-unique specific to them, their purchasing behaviours even current location
    • Augmented Reality (AR) for smartphone-enhanced experiences
    • Near-Field Communication (NFC) as an alternative wireless connection


It’s tangible

With so many of the other channels sitting in the ether, direct mail is “to have and to hold”. Likely comprising stock, ink, finishing, glue, binding and probably an outer cover or envelope, it touches and has been touched. It’s real, has substance and so lends weight to the message it conveys.

It boasts brilliant response rates

Direct mail response rates leapt again in 2016 with a recorded 5.3% response rate to house lists and 2.9% to prospect lists. The other channels don’t come close with none of them even hitting the 1% mark.

It’s influential

According to the US Direct Mail Association (DMA), nearly two-thirds of people have been influenced to buy something because of a direct mail piece they’ve received. Not only that, 70% of customers have re-started a relationship because of direct mail.

It’s valued

Do you welcome the prospect of a marketing email? Of course not. But 57% say that receiving mail makes them feel more valued and 36% of people under 30 look forward to checking their physical mail each day. Offers by mail are perceived to be worth more than the same offer sent by email.

It’s trusted

People are far more likely to believe and trust what they read on paper as opposed to on screen. Which is probably why fundraisers, financial services, banks and retailers still rely on it and count among its highest users.

Whether you’re looking to reactivate lapsed customers, generate new sales, or for cross/up-sell opportunities, we deliver personalised direct mail campaigns which are four times more powerful than their regular, static counterparts (source: Caslon). Get in touch, let us show you how.

We’re here to help!

Let’s make something awesome together. Drop us a line, or give us a heads up if you’re interested in visiting us.

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Great direct mail campaigns require military planning, inspired creativity, rigid execution and scientific measurement. And, to really grab the attention of your audience, personalisation.

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