Direct Mail ROI Calculator

Effective direct mail doesn’t happen by accident. So, we created this ROI tool to give you the very best chances of success with your next one and to put some “science” behind the creative.

Direct Mail ROI Calculator Strategy: Lead Generation / Acquisition

Use this calculator to determine your direct mail ROI (return on investment). You can test different scenarios to see the results, based on your expected costs and response levels.



Leads: 0 Cost per lead: £00.00
CONVERSIONS: 0 Cost per sale: £00.00
CAMPAIGN COSTS: £000.00 Cost per piece: £00.00
REVENUE: £000.00 Revenue per piece: £00.00
Total ROI: £000.00 Consider including email and personalisation in your campaign

CAMPAIGN METRICS: Response Rate: 00.0% Conversion Rate: 00.0% All rates are based on DMA studies and surveys. Last update August 2014.

Please note our data and assumptions are based on recent surveys and statistics from the Direct Marketing Association. Plugging in variables such as the industry sector, channels, quantities and any personalisation, you can calculate what’s likely to work best and help you maximise that hard-earned marketing budget.
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