Award winning campaign sees whopping 36% uptake.

The challenge

Keeping such a huge membership base engaged is bound to be challenging. Betfair needed an innovative way of connecting with the dataset and encouraging customers to use its services over a 12-month period by reminding them of key sporting events throughout the year.

Our solution

A compelling, personalised email was designed and broadcast to Betfair’s members with the offer of a free desktop calendar. Clicking through the email took visitors to a personalised webpage (pURL) where they were prompted to choose 5 key dates in addition to the dates of 40+ sporting events included as standard. The ability to also add their birthday generated an image and message on the appropriate month.

7,000 individual calendars which included a range of bespoke images were designed, created, printed and mailed with the campaign achieving a hugely successful 36% uptake.

Results we achieved


Unique calendars produced


Uptake of the promotion

The tools we used