It’s Your Story

The company

Launching with only 3 titles in 2004 Itsyourstory was the first company in the UK to sell photo-personalised books on the web. 12 years later, with books still firmly at its heart, it has expanded to 26 titles complemented by a range of other photo-personalised products.

The challenge

Itsyourstory was determined that the levels of service its customers enjoyed should be maintained, even as the business and product range grew. For a complex product where data integrity, matching of elements and finished quality is paramount, this risked becoming an issue.

An inflexible ordering system with no opportunity to check or amend orders as they moved through production meant that, inevitably, turnaround suffered and quality was being compromised.

The solution

Prime’s workflow and production capabilities, coupled with creative and image-manipulation skills, lent themselves perfectly to the Itsyourstory offering. It delivers:

  • An ability to receive orders 24/7
  • Data integrity and ISO27001 compliance
  • Full transparency of the production and fulfilment process
  • Enhanced print quality
  • Opportunity to amend dispatch details up to point of fulfilment
  • Matching and meeting of KPIs
  • Elimination of binding and inner-to-outer matching errors
  • Speedier turnaround
  • Improved customer communication and overall experience
  • Reduced customer queries

We honestly couldn’t ask for a better print partner,” says managing director Holly Wright. “The list of benefits they have bought to our business is exhaustive. As well as being friendly, proactive people to work with they have transformed our order management enabling us to track orders, increase turnaround times and improve print quality in a way which surpassed all expectations.”

Holly – The Itsyourstory Team

The tools we used

  • Technical integration
  • Creative and image manipulation
  • Data integrity and management
  • Personalised print
  • Fulfilment