My Given Name

Distinctive format calls for specialist capability

The challenge

Two binding methods, two price points and a non-standard, landscape format would have made this a “challenge too far” for most production houses.

The solution

By combining the Prime team’s technical expertise with the superior production capabilities of the HP Indigo 10000 (uniquely capable of printing a landscape book in the required dimensions) Prime;

  • Worked alongside and supported the client’s own developers
  • Seamlessly integrated with his existing workflow and systems
  • Provided a dedicated customer service resource
  • Advised on format and stock choices
  • Used assets to develop and create additional product lines
  • Slashed turnaround times by 2-days

in order to deliver swiftly, and with 100% accuracy and quality, via a number of online retailers.

I was apprehensive about finding a supplier to work with who understood not just our product, but the rationale behind the entire “My Given Name” concept. Turns out I needn’t have worried and the 100% 5 star reviews we’ve received to date are in large part down to Prime Group’s quick response and quality finish.

My Given Name

Results we achieved


Reduction in turnaround

X 2

Bound/finished formats