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Solving the problem of distributed marketing on a global scale

For a marketer in a global organisation, distributing marketing content and making it available for use instantaneously around the globe can present a real challenge.

The new marketing material might be created at one location, then distributed electronically around the world to teams responsible for actually procuring it. This can lead to frequent and expensive duplication of repetitive administration tasks, impacting on your bottom line directly as well as needlessly diverting your marketing teams from vital strategic development work. So you risk missing targets, and brand consistency also becomes an issue as local regions ‘adjust’ or produce using different materials and methods.

Even where large corporations believe that they’ve already ‘solved’ this issue and have a solution in place, problems can still exist through production partners being unable to fully understand and ‘buy in’ to the operation.
We see this typically manifest itself in:

  • A lack of innovation and product development. If you end up with a partner solely interested in the number you are producing rather than the job you’re trying to get done, you can miss out on significant improvements to the results or even the way your message is delivered. You can be left feeling unable to keep pace with the competition, despite knowing you can do more with the information you hold
  • A lack of clear focus on production. When timescales are tight, you need a partner with their finger at the heart of production to ensure that deadlines are met
  • Brand inconsistency. Multiple locations can lead to multiple production methods on inaccurate materials that are ‘off-brand’. Even jobs produced in the same location can often be different when work is placed with multiple partners.

How can we help?

Prime Group is part of an international print and distribution network. By linking production partners around the world with similarly equipped and skilled printing businesses, we’re able to provide our customers with direct access to global printing services of the highest, consistent quality.

Gone are the days of having to print locally and export world-wide… and the associated distribution costs. Using our trusted contacts, together with the computerised print profiles and flexible, multi-lingual templates we hold for our customers in the cloud, we can instantly allow collateral to be globalised and printing production ‘localised’ virtually anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day – with content directly relevant to each specific marketplace!

Taking advantage of Prime’s global ordering and printing capabilities you can:

  • Distribute content that can be made available instantly around the world, and have your materials printed where and when you need them
  • Get them to market with minimal delay
  • Cut unnecessary costs globally through removing repetitive admin tasks and saving on international deliveries
  • Exert complete brand management control, world-wide
  • Exploit the economies of ‘just-in-time’ solutions wherever you might need them
  • Centralise your assets.

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