Personalised Marketing

Marketing to an audience of one.

Today’s customers connect and communicate with brands across a number of channels and devices. And, when they do, they expect a consistent “look and feel”, experience and messaging from them. Cookies, targeted ads, personalised recommendations and individualised journeys are the order of the day.

Online set the personalisation bar, and set it high and initially, offline was slow to come to the party. But digital print opened the door and changed all of that.

Now truly multi-channel campaigns, incorporating a raft of marketing collateral tailored and bespoked at every touchpoint, facilitate the customer’s path to purchase extracting the maximum return on every investment.

Every brand needs to think about personalisation now – and beyond that move towards truly tailored approaches to tailor customer journeys, show brand values and create engagement.- Festival of Marketing.


Multi Channel Personalisation

Accurate data driven personalisation to customers demonstrates a level of knowledge, while effective message personalisation demonstrates a level of care. But sophisticated, multi-channel personalisation that accompanies and nudges them through their customer journey, tracking behaviour and preferences, demonstrates an understanding and recognition of them as a unique individual.

We use a combination of creative design, data expertise, business intelligence and technology to deliver just such sophistication.

The opportunities for personalisation are literally limitless. As the appetite of consumers for individualised products and brand experiences gathers pace, every brand now needs to be asking what its strategy for personalisation should be. – Brand Genetics.


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