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Branded Marketing Platform

Online ordering – is there anything simpler, more convenient, cost effective or efficient?

  • Your Print Marketing Spend: £4,000,000

    £175K £8m
  • Number of Outlets: 05

    5 1000

You could save..

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    Total Time Savings
  • Sounds unbelievable?

How much more could you do by freeing your valuable resources?

How did we Calculate this?

Money Saving

  1. Average savings shown over multiple sites deployed is 14.4 - 20.2% (InfoTrends) Calculated at the lower 14.4%
  2. Typically Creative agencies get bogged down with repetitive tasks for the customer (minor alts, stationery etc.) rather than working on strategic thinking and creative. As a result the cost of the artworking for print is on average 25% of the order value. Research shows that 77.9% of orders (InfoTrends) could be created and produced using a branded marketing portal so by giving these efficiencies back, you can expect to save up to 80% of your artworking costs
  3. Effort calculated as number of branches x 4 orders placed per branch per mth (without a portal) = No of orders x just 15mins to process artwork, supplier estimates, proofs, chase deliveries, file samples etc per job. - Based on ave. Marketing Exec salary of £27k (assumes tasks are completed by multiple people but accounts for total time)
  4. Hidden costs are calculated as the Cost to process a PO and paper work @ £30 per order* Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply but allows for a cost of £10 if this process is automated and takes into account the average number of jobs based on the figures provided

Time Savings

  1. Calculated by the total number of outlets/departments in the network x the average number of orders per branch per annum x a time of 30mins per order (includes time to request the change, proof, get supplier quotes, place, chase, file samples etc.)
  2. Is the total value of the print spend split between the average order value (based on the figures provided above) x 15mins per order to raise the purchase order (through all departments), send and sign off PO against the invoice

Our branded marketing platform (BMP) is a complete answer to all your marketing, stationery and promotional material, print and distribution requirements. One that will save you time, money (up to 20%* of your marketing spend) and hassle.

If you’re looking to make your marketing more effective by delivering measurable, proven efficiencies, control your brand and free up your budget by reducing cost and waste, investing just 1 hour with one of our experts will be time well spent.

You can check out the full features of ours here or see it in all of its functioning glory here.